A Great Idea is Only as Good as Your Ability to Make it Happen

We all have ideas but the best ideas are the ones which you can actually execute!

Everyday people tell me about their amazing new business idea that came to them in the shower that same morning or an opportunity they think they could get involved in they just need a million bucks to make it happen or a business idea they think would be a guaranteed money maker!

The truth is most ideas are not that great not because they don't have merit but mainly because you most probably are not able to execute on them!

If you look at Facebook almost everyone says they could have come up with that idea but the reality is you most probably don't have a background in programming, coding and a group of friends who can help you create your vision!

Take a look at Uber It's a pretty simple concept that I bet many of you have thought about for years but the reality is you didn't act upon it because you didn't know where to start or how to execute!

Now I'm not saying don't act upon your ideas...I'm saying evaluate your ideas and choose the ones you can execute on because they have a much greater chance of survival & success!

You can always find a way to make anything work but trust me it's a lot easier to work on ideas that you believe in, that you are passionate about and that you know you can handle and execute with confidence!

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