I am just trying to be everything I can be!

I'm not working this hard to be the same and maybe it's time to tell it how it is....
I'm never ever going to be the same person you want me to be or expect me to be!

I'm not trying to be anything or anyone, I'm just trying to become everything I can be and YES I have changed......
thank you for noticing that I'm stepping into my greatness!

Judge me, question me, criticize me and try to rationalise my work & efforts but while you're wasting you're time thinking about my life I'm busy building my dreams and creating something that the rest of the world simply can't ignore!

Don't you dare allow the opinion of others and their views to stop you from becoming everything you can be and doing what you were put on this earth to do!

Your only duty on this earth is to become everything you can be that's it and you don't have to answer to anyone not even your friends or family.

Follow your heart, do what you believe in and create beautiful work that touches our souls and simply takes our breath away!
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