Live your life, close from your gadget

It was long time I not wrote again. Too busy with my routine activity like work, sleep and go date with my friends. This is my time to write some stupid think again. Just wanna share anything happen in my mind. Like conversation good side and bad side in myself. Hope this can useful for me or anyone find this article.

TECHNOLOGY in 20th century increase significantly. In almost part of human life supporting with technology. One of example that I want to discuss is smartphone. I Think everyone in all of this world has at least one smartphone. Smartphone is help people to do their activity, like communication with friend, read update news, play game, shopping, and etc. we can do anything and get anything with one touch.

But, smartphone have disadvantages too. First sometime we spend our time with smartphone, and make complacent. It is natural, because, we don’t need to travel to store, to friend house, or to do any tired activity. But all of this is not real. The real life is there in your daily activity.

Come on, life your life and close from your gadget!.
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