The Scenery

Scenery. Who doesn’t like enjoying the beauty of this world? I believe that everyone like it so much. The sea, sky, land, city, culture, and of course people. I really loved to enjoying the beauty of everything existed in this world, especially the people. We lived in the same planet and yet every each of us is not similar. Either it’s race, country, religion, color, social status, lifestyle, culture, and etc., all of them made us different to one and another, and me personally, I see the beauty from these differences. I always loved to meet and get to know people that different with me from any aspect of differences. For me this kind of scenery is not just pleasured to see but in the same time, it taught you things that you never thought before, things that could be broaden your perspective in judging life.

From every types of people whom I have met in life, there is one type of people that always interest me to get to know more about them, about their life’s story, how they lived their life, they are type of people that always passionate to do the best of them in living this life. People who consistently doing things they loved positively and keep moving forward to be the best in what they loved. It very interesting for me to know about life’s story of people who have been struggled in life to be in the place where they are standing right now. Their stories and experiences, I learned many things from them that keep remind me to be brave in choosing my own life path and taking risks to realize it. They taught me how to manage my expectations in life and make sure that I took the best path to be in the place where I want in the future.

I really understand that it wouldn’t be that easy, but as an optimistic person, I always believe that whatever things come along in my way, as long as I put my mind to it consistently, I believe I can get through of them no matter how hard it is. Until today, I have been proved it and turns out I could finally realized my expectations. It’s like a dream come true, you know, it’s felt so damn good when you finally can managed your expectations after a long time process of trial-error experiences. Believe me, you don’t wanna regret things in your life, it feels so bad and it keep hunting you in every morning you woke up from your bed. My only suggestion is, go wake up right now! Work consistently for what you really want in life, and see the miracle happens. Trust me, it truly works.

Reference: The Scenery, Arif Hilmi.
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