Fair with 24 hours

Day after day is gone. 24 hours and 24 hours left like a wind. But, do you fair with your 24 hours? What you used it for?
Do you realise you are getting older?
What have you done?
What have you done?
I was looks and see, there are so much kind of people use they 24 hours. Some people use it for work, learn sleep, spend time with family, pray, play game, shopping, stalking, browsing, and others. What your activity most lead your time? Work? Sleep?, Learn?, Play Game?, or others?.

A few days ago, in a small conversation with my office colleague, she suggest me “dont feel comfortable with your job in here, you must also learn”. They suggest very good. Not just work, we must keep learn.
I get suggest from my friend too, who are you?
Work hard and collect money than go to doctor or, work with safety and dont have much money?
I said we have same answer brother.

This my clossing.

please use your 24 hours with “bijak”
Your god have hak (right),
Your body have hak,
Your wife and child have hak,
Your Mother, Father and family have hak,
Your friends have hak,

Fair with your 24 hours.

That’s all. Hope this brainstorming writing useful.
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